Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Albatross Years

This autobiographical book is gripping in it's nautical interest. It was a book that I picked up in a fire sale at the library and then forgot. I found it on the bookshelf yesterday and started reading. I am hooked.

I don't like boats as a rule so I was surprised that I got caught. The book tells of the life of an American lad who goes from being a hobo, riding the rails in early 20th century USA, to a merchant seaman who sailed the seven seas and had many varied and interesting experiences along the way.

The writer, tells of many ships from enormous to very small that he sailed on and of the characters he met. He was in merchant fleets during world war 2 and the memories from this time are crisply portrayed and give a sense of the danger that these sailors underwent.

Another point of interest is that the writer is an auto-didact and very well read. The book is littered with literary gems which was unexpected.

An ideal book for a rainy weekend.

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