Thursday, November 15, 2012

The eBook is dead - a Tale of A.Mazon

It was late in the year 2097 when a dreadful computer virus hit. The virus caused every eBook in existence to dissolve on the owners devices (remember the cloud). Consternation and panic were rife, all knowledge had disappeared. eBook sellers went out of business, the panic was widespread. Since the 2050 Physical Book Destruction Act had been enacted and brutally enforced, all physical books had been burnt as archaic artefacts.

All the great libraries had been digitised and the smelly, old ancient manuscripts had been destroyed to save space. Librarians had been reassigned to other duties.

But a far seeing merchant called Mr A. Mazon had hidden a treasure trove of physical books in a secret location and then got a team of Russian programmers to write an eBook destruction virus that would be deadly to eBooks. He was onto a winner, he sold his p-Books at inflated prices and made a mint.

The moral of the story is that whatever happens A.Mazon will still make a profit.

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