Saturday, March 29, 2008

Are you a Book Addict?

I am a bona fide book addict. You may well recognize the following signs of book addiction in yourself if you like to read as often as possible.. You are a book addict if: 1. You can't walk past a library or bookshop without getting books 2. You have books secreted all over the house, in, under, over all surfaces 3. You have many books that you have not yet read, but persist in buying more. 4. You would need more than your remaining lifespan to read all the books you own but have not yet read 5. You get book vouchers for every special occasion 6. You spend time and money browsing Fishpond or Amazon 7. You can read at any time, anywhere and finally 8. You go weak at the knees when trapped in a place with no books, magazines etc But don't worry I am writing a series of books on how you can escape this pernicious addiction. First published on Qassia
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