Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How to Succeed in Your Career

Here you are fresh out of college and ready to make a start on your career pathway. Great. Go for it, but before you go I have some words of advice for you: 1. Don't assume that you know it all The temptation when you are newly graduated is to think that you know it all, that your knowledge is current and you have a lot to offer. That may well be true but be circumspect when you start a new job, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. Let others see your abilities shine through, noone likes a blowhard. 2. Do be attentive and ready to learn Employers love new, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young graduates. They love them to be attentive and to show their ability to learn new things. Be eager to learn, don't shirk the lowly jobs and make a positive impression by being humble (at least for the first month!). 3. Take the Opportunities Offered Whenever you are offered an opportunity to learn something new, don't prevaricate, jump right in enthusiastically and say "I can do it". Employers hate whingers (moaners) and those who always come up with reasons as to why they can't do things. Every opportunity taken opens more opportunities. 4. Build up "You Ltd" The idea of a job for life is now extinct. Think of every job as an opportunity to learn new skills for "You Limited". Each new skill learned goes into your own toolbox that goes with you from job to job. You are investing in yourself, in your own growth and future. Be loyal to the company while you are there and when you leave, leave on a positive note. and finally 5. If you hate the job, leave, don't go out like a gun-slinger with both barrels blazing!! Sometimes you will not like the job you get, there may be a number of reasons for this. If you have tried and seem to be getting nowhere, get up and leave. Explain to your boss why you are leaving, but don't bad mouth everyone in the company. You will learn very quickly how efficiently the business grapevine works if you ignore this advice. Go forth and good luck. First published on Qassia http://drkelp.qassia.com
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