Sunday, March 16, 2008

Best Milkshakes in Rarotonga

I have just come back from Rarotonga and while there I found the best milkshakes in the world. Down at Avana on the west side of the island there is an Internet cafe called Doug's Internet Cafe. As well as providing Net services, Doug also makes the best milkshakes in Rarotonga, and in my humble opinion in the world. At $10 New Zealand Dollars (about $7.40 USD) you get a tropical milkshake to die for (don't take me literally on the dying thing). Full of tropical fruits such as banana, mango and coconut they are delicious and I should know. In the 11 days I was there my family had around 30 of these milkshakes. So if you are in Rarotonga (in the Cook Islands), go and see Doug, you wont be disappointed. Rarotonga is the most laid back place I have ever been to, and sitting in the sun sipping a cool, tropical milkshake is heavenly. Doug also has accommodation at $27USD a night, outstanding value. (
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