Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How to Be Happy

Why is unhappiness prevalent everywhere? Why are people swallowing anti-depressants and pick me ups? These questions are asked by many thinking people. What does it take to make me happy? Why am I so miserable? The answer is simple. Look away from yourself, reach out to somebody else in need. Over the last 50 years the sense of community has been broken down by selfishness, by the Me generation. "Whats in it for me?" has become the new catchphrase. To find happiness we do not need to look inward, we need to look outward. What have you done to make someone smile today? What selfless deed have you done for a stranger? From my own experience I have found that caring for others helps me to feel happier, to have more self esteem, and to have inner peace. So tomorrow try something new. try to make a difference to just one person. If we all reached out to others with a kind and warm heart the world would be a far happier place. First Published on Qassia
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