Saturday, September 27, 2008

Choosing my 50 To Go Books

I'm flying to the UK for 18 months in two hours. Yesterday I had the sad task of choosing the 50 books that will get sent over. I already have 7 books that I will take in my luggage along with about 70 eBooks on my Mobile phone. In the end it came down to taking the books (diaries and letters) of Virginia Woolf that are still unread, the second volume of John Fowle's diary, collections of poetry by New Zealand poets, books on New Zealand art and some Camus and Said. I feel very sad leaving my large library behind..sob, sob... The only consolation is that there are heaps of fantastic second hand bookshops in the UK, and my postage from Amazon will be a lot less. Books purchased in UK will be OK as I plan to get a container to bring a motorcycle back with me and the books can act as padding (joking). Well I'd better go now and finish packing. There will be no entries to the blog until I get to UK in a couple of days and have an Internet connection set up. DK
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