Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Traveling Library

I have many thousands of books in my library and I have to go overseas soon for 18 months. This poses a problem. Which books do I take with me? I can only take 25kg all up, so the question is a vexed one. My Choices at the moment are: Volume 2 of John Fowles Diaries Vol 3 and 4 of Virginia Woolf's Diaries and Letters The Charles Brasch memoir Clive Jame's book on culture Edward Saids book on Culture and Imperialism I think that will be all I can take. When my wife comes over later she will be able to bring more. One plus however is that I have 30 eBooks on my mobile phone and they weigh nothing, in fact I will load another 100 or so until I can find the local library. DK
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